Where Have I Been?

Can you hear the crickets chirping? I know I can! The blog has been very very quiet with exception to my fab contributors (thanks ya'll for posting and not letting my little ol blog shrivel up and die)! I know I posted an update recently but I feel like so much has changed since then and life has been well just nutty.

Yes, I'm still subbing quite a bit in hopes to use my pay check to pay for Christmas, but the main thing that's been going on has been some not so fun health stuff. In my last update I mentioned that my well woman visit didn't go as planned. I had to go back and have an ultrasound done. The ultrasound showed that my uterus is slightly larger than normal. That plus my symptoms my doctor believes I have adenomyosis. What is that and why am I sharing this? Well sharing for the woman, who was like me, and was trying to find any and all info on the topic especially real life stories.

Adenomyosis is when the tissue that lines the uterus actually grows into the uterus. It continues to act as it would in the uterus (thickening, breaking down, etc). It's similar to endometriosis but not the same because it won't spread beyond the muscle tissue of the uterus. However, there are some women that have endometriosis AND adenomyosis. The symptoms vary from woman to woman. Some show no symptoms at all where as other have intense symptoms. The main symptom is pain. You can google to find all the other symptoms but for me pain is the main symptom.

I'm not in debilitating pain (although I do have times of intense pain). Actually when I mentioned it to my doctor I was pretty certain I had a cyst. I was pretty shocked when the ultrasound tech said there were no cysts. Since then I have looked backed over my life and fit the puzzle pieces together. Heavy periods, clots, etc. I was in pain for several days after my ultrasound. As my doctor put it I finally have an answer.

As hopeful as that may sound the down side is the only real cure for adenomyosis is a hysterectomy. There are other options you can try. My doctor suggested an IUD and I schedule to get it but felt uneasy about the whole thing. After talking a lot with my hubby I scheduled another appointment with my doctor to discuss what would be the best options. After a lot of discussing, praying, and mulling everything over I am scheduled for a hysterectomy. I go in tomorrow and evict my uterus. I hit several stages of grief at the first diagnosis. The thought of loosing my fertility hit me HARD. I have wanted more children for a long time, but the Lord has given me such peace about letting go of my fertility.

The thing is, yes I can try other things but they won't fix adenomyosis, they will only suppress it. My hubby and I felt like those would only be "band aid" fixes. I just want to do what I can to be the best mom possible for the children I DO have and not wear myself down in the hopes to possibly have more children. I did not make this decision lightly and definitely wouldn't be doing it if I didn't think this is what is best.

I will admit I do have some fears I'm dealing with. The only way to actually diagnose adenomyosis is through pathology after a hysterectomy. So what if I have this surgery and they don't find adeno? This is what hubby and I keep discussing but we still feel like with the problems I keep having this is the route we should go. I'm also really nervous about recovery so I'd appreciate prayers that its a smooth speedy recovery. They also be looking to see if I have endometriosis and burn off any adhesions that are found.

Yes I love to do things naturally when possible but there are times when I feel we need to go with a medical approach, and I feel that for me this is what is right at the moment.

I hope to get some posting done during my recovery process and hey it could end up being really fun, who knows what I'll write while medicated!