Plum Paper Planner Review and Discount Code

I received this item at a discount in exchange for a review, but the opinions stated are 100% my own.

My life has just been so hectic ad crazy, so I knew I needed something to help me. I had so many calendars and to do lists everywhere that it was hard to keep track. I knew I needed a planner so I started looking.

First I asked on Facebook what my friends used. Several people recommended the Erin Condred planner, so I checked those out. There were a few things I liked about them but still didn't feel like it completely met my needs. I wasn't willing to pay the high price for something that didn't fully meet my needs. My friend (and one of our contributors) Jen recommended Plum Paper Planner (you can read her review here) so I thought it was worth a shot to check them out.

Oh my goodness I am so so glad I did! Not only does it meet my needs as a family planner but I also was able to include a blog and direct sales planner! I was so ecstatic when it arrived. I may or may not have caressed it and sobbed softly. I'm going to show you what's included with each!

Family Planner

I chose to order the family planner (the other sections I'll talk about were add ons and cost extra). I love my cover, and honestly deciding on a cover is THE HARDEST part! They have so many beautiful covers! I love the weekly layout of the family planner. It gives me a space to dedicate for all the different assets of my life. You can have the tabs on the side personalized but I chose to leave them blank. So far I have dedicated them to Me, Fam, House, Blog, and Usborne. That leaves me with 2 blank boxes to add whatever else I need to. At the top I write appoints or significant info for that day, like if its pay day for example There is also a place on the side of the weekly layout for notes and a weekly list. I haven't gotten into using stickers so my planner looks kind of boring but right now I just need it functional. I'll get creative with it eventually. The family planner also includes:
  • Note page (I purchased extras note pages for each month)
  • A full month view
  • Monthly tabs
  • A folder in the back to keep up with stuff
  • Year at a glance
  • Holiday dates
  • A place to write special dates
  • Contact info
  • Passwords

Direct Sales Planner and Blog Planner

I was so excited about the add ons and honestly these are what led me to get the Plum Paper Planner because I could have everything in one place. The thought of having multiple planners made me want to hyperventilate. The direct sales planner includes:
  • Monthly overview
  • Party planning list
  • To do list
  • Monthly tasks
  • Mileage tracker
  • Passwords
  • Hostess contacts
  • Lead contacts
  • Consultant contacts
  • Income and expenses tracker
  • Monthly expenses
The blog planner contains:

  • Monthly overview
  • Income and expenses tracker
  • Monthly blog tasks
  • Monthly blog stats
  • To do list
  • Advertising and sponsors
  • Giveaways and reviews
  • Blog annual planner

I just can't say enough how much I'm loving my planner! Its really helping me get my life back in some for of functioning!

(Coupon code is no longer available)
You know what's awesome?! You can get your own planner at a discount! Plum Paper had generously offered my readers a 10% off coupon!!!! Be sure to use the coupon code HIPPY10 when checking out!
Do you use a planner? What planner tips can you share? Have you ever heard of Plum Paper Planner before this? 


  1. I'm too much of a control freak to have someone else (even an awesome company) design my planner. I've gotta do it myself. =) I totally love having a paper planner, though- all my good stuff in one place, without worrying about the spotting internet around my home and office. The blog planner looks really great, though- maybe I'll have to look into that!

  2. I love my Plum Paper planner! I was just now explaining to my three year old why she's not allowed to destroy it! :-)

  3. I like the idea of the add ons here. I love my paper planner so much. I do not know how I could ever go completely electronic!

  4. The discount code isn't working for me. Any tips?

    1. I just sent this a message letting them know. I'll let you know when it's working

  5. A friend suggested that I read this post, since I write about planners. I loved it. The details and the photos really helped me learn about the Plum Planner, in case a reader asks! And now I can just send anyone who asked to your post.

  6. I used your coupon code! Thanks!! :)

  7. Has the coupon code expired? It isn't working for me. Boo!!!!

    1. I contacted them and said a couple of people are having trouble with the code. They said it's still active. I'll let them know it still isn't working. Thanks for letting me know!