Why You Can't Give Me Books

The end of last week and over the weekend I wasn't feeling well (I was also emotional from being diagnosed with adenomyosis earlier in the week but that's for a later post) so I spent all weekend with my nose buried in a book. Let me tell you it was so nice! I just haven't sat and gotten lost in a book in so long my soul needed it. As much as I love to read you should probably know though its not always a good idea to give me a book.

And here is why:

  1. Most books once I start I can't stop
  2. Because I can't put the book down that means all normal everyday functions cease such as caring for my family and basic necessities such as showering.
  3. I get to emotionally involved with the characters. They laugh, I laugh. They cry, I cry. They go into a deep emotional abyss, well you get the picture
  4. The closer to the end of the book I get the moodier I get because I don't want it to be over, yet I can't stop reading.
  5. I'm obsessed about what I'm reading (see numbers 1-4). If I have to take a break from reading, to you know make sure we have clean underwear or feed the children, I can't quit thinking about the characters and mentally dissecting their lives. I think way to much about the plot and decisions each character makes and why, what he or she could/would/should do differently.
  6. Reading makes me realize that deep down I'm pretty dark and twisty. I love Jodi Picoult and Ted Dekker and usually don't often read romance type novels.
  7. I'll repeat the fact that I neglect family and friends while reading because well its pretty sad.
  8. I have a book hangover for days when I'm finished reading as I mentally visit each character and again dissect the story. I honestly think way to much about how things could have gone or if one slight change had been made.
I'm pretty sure if I asked my hubby to contribute to the list and he had time to think about my reading "problem" he might burn all of my books and then I'd be hospitalized for convulsions and foaming at the mouth.

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