When Common Is Made Clean

I really struggle with self worth. I look at myself and see no gifts, talents, or anything of value. I haven't contributed anything to this world other than marrying my amazing hubby and having two great kids. But honestly that doesn't feel like any sort of an accomplishment because despite my best efforts I fail daily in the whole mom and wife department.

I'm always assuming that I'm not enough and that others are looking down on me. And quite honestly I get mad at God because of all of my short comings. I'm not asking to be perfect, but would like to be a little more than mediocre. Why can't I have some sort of special skill or talent? Why do I feel like He forgot to give me any sort of Spiritual gift? Most days I hate myself.

This is by far one of my biggest struggles. I just can't seem to place much value on myself.

Then I read this....

"What God has made clean, do not call common." Acts 10:15

This was during Peter's vision when God was abolishing the Old Testament dietary restrictions. This was also to bring unity to the Jews and the Gentiles. I've read through this text several times before, but this time it hit me like a ton of bricks!

Sunday in church our pastor was preaching on finding our identity in Christ and coming out of the wilderness. If I attempted to explain out his sermon to you I would most definitely botch it, but several things he said during that sermon have played over and over in my head. I have been crying out to the Lord for His help in loving Him more and learning to put my flesh to the side. I've come to believe not only are the worthless thoughts rolling around in my head are straight from the devil, but are also an idol. Its taken up so much of my thoughts and focus and just another excuse to keep myself from drawing close to the Lord.

Monday night I picked up the book I've slowly been reading and yet it was another reminder of what the Lord is speaking into me.

When I accepted His Son Jesus as my Savior, He cleansed me from my sins. I don't have to prove that I'm of worth, because sending His Son to carry my sins on the cross and die for me is proof that He that He loves me. He made me clean and that means I'm not common. That means that there in fact is something special about me even when I don't feel very special.

I read those words as a command. I'm writing them down and taping it where I can see it daily.

Have you been made clean? Then dear sister you most certainly are not common!


  1. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for this reminder (on a day when I feel so very common!)

  2. Yes! It's so refreshing and guilt-getting-rid-of!

  3. You are contributing so much! By writing this blog and sharing your true feelings, you never know who you might be helping when they really need it.

    The Cuteness