Grace For The Ho-Ho Eaters

I love the idea of all-natural living. Of living off the land, organic, chemical free, of never eating processed food. It all sounds so wonderful. But the trouble is, reality looks a little different from us at this point. I drink an occasional diet Coke. There is Hamburger Helper in my pantry, and the soap on my soap dish was not made by yours truly. And you know what? I think that's okay. 

Don't get me wrong- I still think that all-natural living is a great goal, and those people who do it and do it well? The cloth-diapering, chicken-butchering, elderberry-syrup-drinking folks? They're pretty impressive. And I'd like to be them when I grow up. I typically clean my home with vinegar, but I use Comet for those tough stains on my counter. I use essential oils for sore muscles and to help me sleep... but I also carry ibuprofen in my purse. Here's the thing- it's just not practical for me to be totally crunchy at this point in my life. It just wouldn't work. It's all about priorities, really. Right now, the biggest priorities for me are my faith, my marriage and family, and my hobbies (mainly, let's be honest, my blog).

 Maybe someday, living the granola life will be a priority to us. It's not one right now- not really. I still do a little here and there to reduce our environmental impact, save a little money, and keep myself and my husband a little healthier. It's taken me a while to get to the place where I'm okay with my half-way method of doing things. I'm typically an all-or-nothin' type of girl.

This is where grace comes in. I'm pretty terrible at giving myself grace- in the big things, in the little things, even when it comes to simply getting my laundry done. By giving ourselves grace, we find the freedom to live life to the full, without feeling guilty for buying non-organic chicken at the grocery store. It's okay to still be a work in progress. It's okay to not get it perfectly every time. Maybe you're the super-crunchy type. That's so great- and I think you just rock. I'm sure that you can apply this grace thing somewhere else in your life, though. As human beings, we're all pretty imperfect- even if our imperfection shows up in different ways. But! Even though we screw up all the time, we know that we're loved and worth it. Even when we mess up, we know that God uses broken people and scraggly edges all the time. There's nothing I could do (or eat, or clean with, or stock my pantry with) that will make Him love me less. So no, I don't plan on eating my placenta if I ever have children. I will continue my coffee-and-chemical-laden-creamer habit, thank you. And that box of Ho-Ho's on the counter? Yeah, I'm gonna eat that. Because there's grace, even for the Ho-Ho eaters.

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Ally loves coffee, motorcycles, blogging, and Jesus (not in that order, although coffee is toward the top of  her list). An accidental country girl, Ally often finds herself wondering how she ended up on the back of a horse every summer and living on a 21-acre hobby farm. She and her husband work at a Bible Camp ministry in Iowa, where they are blessed to share the love of God practically and behind-the-scenes.
Ally writes about what God is teaching her, finds the joy, works on giving herself grace, and shares her blessings at A Home Called Shalom


  1. LOL! I admit to being the HoHo eater too! I try my best to be crunchy, but it's just not the way I was raised so I think it's more of an adjustment even though I know it's better for me. Stacie xo

  2. Loved this post! It's all SOOO true. This day and age we all have such fast-paced lifestyles, it can be difficult to take the time to go all natural all the time. But you're totally right! We have to let ourselves off the hook from time to time. We aren't always going to be perfect!

    Cameron Proffitt