How to Dilute Essential Oils

As essential oils are growing more and more popular, I am seeing a ton of recipes that include essential oils. While I am excited to see people choosing to use natural remedies I also worry about those that are using them improperly. You can read my whole spill about using natural remedies properly here and here.

Making sure you are diluting oils properly is very important! Not diluting oils correctly can cause adverse reactions and sensitization. Also when creating recipes for home remedies that you plan to use on your family make sure you are using oils that are safe for your kids. A great resource to find a list of kid safe oils is this post Essential Oils and Children from Learning About Essential Oils.

1% Dilution

This is best for adults over 65, children under 12, pregnant women, and people with long term illness. In 1oz of carrier oil you use 5-6 drops and in 2oz you would use 10-12 drops.

For example in 2oz of coconut oil I could add 12 drops of lavender to make a lotion for my kids to help them relax before bed.

2% Dilution

This is used for general everyday things like skin care, perfumes, or bath. In 1oz of carrier oil you would use 10-12 drops and in 2oz of carrier oil 20-24 drops.

For example you could make a face wash with 2oz of coconut oil, some baking soda, 8 drops or tea tree, 8 drops of lavender, and 8 drops of frankincense.

3% Dilution

This is used for specific health concerns such as battling the flu or pain relief. In 1oz carrier oil use 15-18 drops and in 2oz carrier oil 30-36 drops.

For example if I wanted to make a sore muscle rub for after working out I would use 2oz coconut oil (or whatever carrier you prefer I just like using coconut oil), 9 drops lavender, 9 drops juniper, 9 drops peppermint, and 9 drops black pepper. Remember when making up a recipe you don't have to use it all at once. Use what you need and save the rest for later. Peppermint and black pepper are hot oils.

I hope you find this helpful! Make sure to print this out and put with your oils so that you can quickly look while mixing up some remedies!

What's your favorite oil recipe?


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