Grow Your Home Library With Usborne Books & More and a Giveaway

Did you know the amount of books you have in your home has a huge impact on your child's education? The University of Nevada, Reno did a 20-year study on the affects of books in the home. The results of the study were very surprising! This study showed that despite social economics or whether the children's parents graduated college or not, children who have books in the "home are more likely to increase their level of education". What does that mean? Well basically that kids with more access to books in their home are more likely to go to college despite being rich or poor or even if their parents themselves are college graduates.


Reading is so important for young minds. Reading can help increase your child's communication skills, creativity, develops the mind, allows your child to discover new things, and its a fun way to connect with your with child!

Recently I learned about this great company called Usborne. its something I had never heard of before and was really intrigued. My friend Jade is an Usborne Consultant in the DFW area, so I asked her to give us a run down of what exactly Usborne is. I wanted you, dear readers, to hear about this great company as quickly as possible! I hate that I didn't know about them sooner! You can check out Jade's website at HeyJadeBooks.com.


Here is what Jade had to say about Usborne:

"Most people don't know that book ownership is directly related to kids' enjoyment of reading, reading skills, and academic success. Having books at their disposal (in their rooms, the living room, the bathroom, the car, etc), means they can pick up and enjoy the book at any time. Many Usborne Books have flaps, which stimulates an understanding of cause and effect and children love the interaction!  From our baby board books to phonics readers to doodling and activities to chapter books and our internet-linked encyclopedias, Usborne Books & More has offered award winning titles for kids of all ages for decades, bringing up life-long learners and making reluctant readers into bibliophiles.  Peter Usborne himself has said that his goal was to make books so irresistible to children that they're practically edible, they can't help but pick them up!  And so far, he has done just that!

As an Educational Consultant for Usborne Books & More, I offer several avenues for getting books into the hands of kids, including book fairs, reading incentive programs and my favorite: BOOK PARTIES!  These can be in-person get-togethers or online Facebook parties!  Either way, they're fun and rewarding.  I share with you and your friends the importance of helping your kids love to read, show you the latest and best-loved Usborne and KaneMiller titles, and help find the perfect books for your family's needs.  That is truly my passion... matching kids with their new favorite books!  And for hosting a party, you earn free books of your choice - how awesome is that?

Every month, Usborne Books & More features Specials:
Customer Specials, which are discounted books.
Hostess Specials, which are additional free books you can earn through your party. [In July, our Hostess Special is "Double Free Books" with a $400 party.  You get twice as many books as usual!]
Recruiting Specials, often discounted start-up kit prices or extra bonuses for joining the business. [In July, we are offering an amazing $55 business kit with 10 books and business supplies;  This is in addition to our usual kits that are $119 for 18 books and $69 for 7 books.]"

While working on this post I fell in love with the books from Usborne Books & More so I signed up as an independent consultant! I am so very excited about all the wonderful books that I can get for my kids! I recently wrote a post for Texas Women Bloggers about my journey to be a work at home mom. I talked about how I have tried all sorts of companies but was never really successful because I wasn't passionate about their products. I also talked about how writing has become a passion of mine, so blogging is something I will probably always do whether I earn any money through it or not. If you have hung around Hippy Juice Mama for any length of time you know I LOVE books! I may even be slightly obsessed! Having my kids find books that they love and growing their love for reading is a huge passion of mine, so finally finding a company that fuels my passion is so very exciting! You can check out my website www.hipreadingmom.com, making any purchases through that site helps to support my family and this blog.

I'm so excited about sharing Usborne Books & More with you and growing your home library with these amazing books that I am giving away 2 books!

One lucky person will win Billie B. Brown The Extra-Special Helper by Sally Rippin and I'm a Dirty Dinosaur by Janeen Brian and Ann James.

Billie B. Brown The Extra-Special Helper is a great book for kids ages 4-7 who are learning to read. In Billie B. Brown The Extra-Special Helper Billie's class goes to the zoo on a field trip and Billie is the extra-special helper, if only everyone would listen to her! Billie B. Brown is a brave, bold, and brilliant character and your young reader will enjoy joining in on the everyday adventures.


I'm a Dirty Dinosaur is a great book for kids ages 2-5. Children will delight in this dirty dinosaur’s playful antics and just may want to join in with the sniffing, snuffing, shaking, tapping, stamping, splashing and sliding, not to mention the mud!

No purchase necessary. Giveaway ends on July 17th, 2015 at 12:00 a.m.. Open to residents for the USA over the age of 18. Void where prohibited. The winner has 48 hours to contact after they have been selected or will forfeit the prize and another winner will be selected. Good Luck!
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  1. :) We have a large home collection, but just returned with 20 books from the library...

  2. We used Usborne books sometimes when I homeschooled. It's a great resource.

  3. Love Usborne books! We just bought my son a bunch of truck ones and he's obsessed.

  4. Hey...thanks for sharing this on Texas Women Bloggers. :-) I'm sharing it on both my Low Entry Linky at suchfuntogive.blogspot.com, and my homeschool linky here (http://wacomom.blogspot.com/2015/04/homeschool-giveaway-link-up.html). Thought you'ld want to know though...your terms on the rafflecopter form say it ends June 22nd. (typo I bet).

    1. Yep I always find typos later ugh mommy brain! Thanks for sharing!!! It ends July 17th