Back To School Shopping

I always dread back to school shopping! Usually by the end of summer we are needing to move up to the next size in clothes but I know we are so close to cold weather but still have another month or two of hot hot hot weather. I try hitting the sales racks as much as possible but usually they're picked over and mostly last winter's clothes is all that is left.

This past weekend I took my daughter to get back to school clothes. We cleaned out closets last week to see what we would need. Luckily my son was pretty set and just needs a couple of pairs of shorts and will need some blue jeans when it starts to get cooler. But my daughter on the other hand has hit a MAJOR growth spurt and basically had nothing that fit her any more!

Now I'm not a fashion blogger or a frugal living blogger, but when I find a great deal as a mom I want to do another mom a solid and tell her about it (and I also wanted to mention this isn't a sponsored post either but I wouldn't be offended if Old Navy decided they wanted to pay me in clothes for giving them a shout out) (I'm kidding) (mostly).

A few of our purchases

Anyway we hit Old Navy first and it was such a great decision! Old Navy is one of the few stores where I go to the sale rack first and I am usually not disappointed. This time however I didn't find anything on the sales rack but I feel like we made out like a bandit! They had a ton of cute t-shirts on sale for 65% off! We ended up with 2 pairs of shorts and 7 shirts and only paid $65! I happy danced all the way out the store. My mood was quickly killed when we hit Justice but I won't go there.

My favorite thing I love about the shirts from Old Navy is that they will easily transition to fall/winter wear when layered with a long sleeve shirt. I love shopping trips like that, it makes my heart go pitter patter. Now on to buying school supplies....

How is your back to school shopping going? Hit any big sales?


  1. I LOVED B2S shopping when I was a kid.
    Old Navy always seems to have amazing deals. I'm glad you were able to find some.

  2. I have been LOVING Old Navy lately! So many great things for such a good price!

  3. I love Old Navy too! There are actually three within reasonable shopping distance from my house and it's funny what a difference there is just in the three of them. On of them usually more on sale.

  4. Old Navy is s one of my go-to's! My daughter is starting school for the first time in the Fall... need to go stock up!