5 Show I Wish Netflix Would Get

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We recently got Netflix again. We had gotten it a few years ago when it was the new hype but cancelled it a year later. At the time they rarely updated it (we watch through out Wii) and had already watched the shows that were worth watching. We are tv people. There I said it. We love to watch movies. If it weren't for sarcasm and movie quotes I would have no talents. I'm really loving Netflix again now that we added it back, but there are a few shows that I REALLY wished they'd get!

Tale Spins

This was one my favorite shows as a kid! I am just dying for my kids to see it!



I LOVE this show and I was sooo sad when it ended! When my kids were little and would wake up a t the butt crack of dawn, ER would come on TNT and this was my morning show. But of course they quit showing it for some reason. I'm really wanting to watch it again.


Tabitha Takes Over

I have no idea why I have such an obsession with this show but I love it! I even got my daughter addicted to it. This blunt Aussie hair guru comes in and takes over failing salons and helps bring them back.


Dawson's Creek

So yeah I'm still living in the 90s and my obsession with Pacey is still alive. I just realized that Dawson's Creek is now on ABC Family but I missed the first several episodes and well what's the point if you can't watch every single episode!


All That

Yep you guessed it another 90s show. I'm just not ready to let it go!!! All That was a kid's version of Saturday Night Live and I think my kids would love it!


BONUS: Anything from the Outdoor Channels

If they had hunting and fishing shows we could cancel our satellite and just have Netflix, but the hubs needs his hunting and fishing shows.

If these shows are already on Netflix and I've missed them please tell me! What shows are you dying to see on Netflix?


  1. OK, I laughed out loud that without sarcasm or movie quotes you would have no talents. You really should make a meme out of that.

  2. This is hilarious! I would love to share Tale Spins with my daughter! Good suggestions.

  3. Oh my gosh, Tail Spin! I used to LOVE that show!

  4. Tale Spin? I used to watch that! I forgot that show! The salon show sounds good to me too!! Netflix has really fallen short for me recently. I'm considering Hulu.

    Lisa at http://www.diycreativetherapy.com/

  5. Nice way to get caught up on shows and movies.

  6. Totally agree with Dawson's Creek! I LOVED that show!!

  7. I totally would love it if they would get TailSpin! It was one of my faves too.
    The other one I wish they'd get is Castle. I can grab it on hulu but if I wait too long to watch an episode I loose it.

  8. I love Netflix & love your list! ER & Dawson's Creek, wow that brings back memories! :)

  9. YES! YES! YES! to tail spin! I had completely forgotten about that show! I'd love to relive some of my childhood! LOL

  10. I can't believe that they took ER off the rotation!