Summer Plans

I love days that don't start with the blare of the alarm clock. Well they still sort of do because hubby has to get up for work but luckily I get to roll back over and go to sleep. I feel like we have been in survival mode since January so its going to be nice to catch up on things but also to just relax and enjoy our time. June has somewhat been a crazy month and I'm desperately wanting to slow down and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Here is a list of what I am hoping to do this summer! Some are fun and some not so much but they need to get done.

Our Summer Plans:

1. Take the kids to a drive in movie
2. Have a water balloon fight
3. Trip to New Orleans just me and the hubs
4. Go see a ballet
5. Go see a play
6. Go to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
7. Spend time at our camp in MS
8. Read all the books on my bookshelf
9. Start writing an ebook
10. Deep clean and organize the whole house
11. Finish dry wall work
12. Fix outside trim
13. Paint the house
14. Go to a canvas painting class
15. Have a girl's day with my best friend
16. Make jelly
17. Go to a reading camp
19. Put all pictures in a photo album
20. Take a spontaneous road trip
21. Take a girls trip to the Dallas Art District
22. Sell our remaining curriculum
23. Lounge at the pool
24. Go to a water park
25. Slip-n-slide
26. Set up a lemon aid stand
27. Work on my blog to do list
28. Learn something new
29. Enjoy a do nothing day
30. Go fishing

What have you been doing this summer? What do you plan to do?


  1. Sounds like FUN!!

    We're planning to work, work, work... and maybe go out on the boat. And then work. =)

  2. Great list! You are right there is nothing more like freedom than waking up without an alarm clock. :-)

  3. We're going to visit our son next weekend, but your list has me wanting to check our San Antonio bucket list for some ideas.