Plus Size Shopping Blues

Recently I wrote about learning to love my curves. Its true that I am coming to appreciate what my body is going through with dealing with PCOS and Hashimotos, but plus size shopping just sucks.

This Friday I get to go out and have a girls night and I am really excited about it. This past weekend I went shopping to try to find something to wear. I ended up leaving the store mad, upset, and empty handed. I couldn't find anything to fit me that I actually liked. I mean the bigger sizes seem to have 4-6 items and they're all so frumpy and unflattering.

Most of the time when I do find plus size stuff in stores it looks like something someone twice my age would wear. I'm in my late twenties, I don't want to dress like I'm 16 but also don't want to dress like I'm 50.

Is it really that hard to find cute and trendy clothes for someone who is in plus size?

Dear readers I need your help! I need recommendations on where to shop! I am so beyond frustrated with stores right now. I shouldn't be on the verge of tears every time I try to get a new piece of clothing.

It feels like stores are body shaming just as bad as the magazines. Its almost like they are saying because you're bigger you can't wear cute clothes, you just get whatever we can throw together. I know I am not shopping at the right stores but I honestly don't know where to shop!!!

I love piecing together new outfits but lately I just don't even want to go searching for something. I want what I wear to make me feel confident but lately it just doesn't.

If you experience the same dilemma as me please tell me I am not alone! If you have any expert shopping tips I'd love to hear them!


  1. I have gone through in between sizes at times and I have had trouble with shopping at times. It can be difficult! Sometimes I have gone into my regular shopping stores when I really should be going into new stores for the size I am in at the moment. I started shopping at NY& co for instance and finding a lot of my size clothes that fit right. A lot in my size at the time. The jeans fit right, they even had bras in a perfect fit. It was just getting out of my regular stores to get me out of the sad and grouchy mood of a bad shopping trip.

  2. I completely understand! I have been avoiding shopping for 2 years now because I have not been able to shed some extra lbs. I am not in the very top end of regular sizes and feel most comfortable in women's sized. I have found my favorite places to shop are Dress Barn and Ross. Dress Barn carries the same patterns and style of clothing in their plus which I appreciate. The price tag not so much! Ross's had a great selection of plus size tanks and skirts this year too. I was still very discourage shopping at my favorite stores Target and kohls :( Good Luck!

  3. That is frustrating! Be sure to ask on FB, too, for more great places to shop!

  4. I have a similar issue. I have a disorder called lipedema that affects my lower body, so I'm a smaller size on top than on the bottom. Finding pants that fit is a hassle. I've been shopping at Ross, Lane Bryant, Cato's and Kohl's. I can usually find something even on clearance. I found two wonderful maxi dresses on sale at Ross last month. Other ladies have some luck with Talbot's and Chico's. Whatever you decide to wear, just relax and have a good time.

  5. I know your struggle. I hate shopping for clothing, mainly the trying on process. I tend to buy my jeans from Lane Bryant. They're pricey for me but they last the longest and fit great. I can usually find shirts anywhere, Target, Walmart. I just picked up a dress this weekend from Ross.

  6. I wish I could help you. I've struggled with my weight (no real health problems so I hate to complain) but ended up sort of getting a bit of a handle on it b/c there are no plus sizes I can fit into! Apparently my shoulders are too broad for plus sizes. The tops would bunch up under my chin, ridiculous!

    I did have a real fashionable co-worker who shopped a lot at Lane Bryant. She was in her 20's. Unfortunately, I just was too odd a size.

  7. I completely understand, I was plus size for years, growing up and becoming an adult, but I was never your typical teen, I didn't want to dress like them or like I was 50 either. It's so hard to find nice, trendy clothes. I agree with what you say that it's like they just throw together anything and say that's what you have to have as you're plus size. The UK is getting a little better with plus size, but I don't know about the rest of the world - I hope you find somewhere soon!