Feeding Your Kids' Interest

This past weekend we went to the zoo. I realized that I spent more time observing Nathan than I did the animals. Watching his face light up as he saw each animal and that he could identify each one without looking at the plaques just amazed me.

He didn't just identify the animals as a tiger, bird, etc he knew specifically what they were. He was constantly saying things like "Oh this is a <insert proper name here> (I'm not so good with remembering all of them) bird and its my favorite type of bird. Did you know it can fly x miles an hour?". Or he would say "Hey mom these penguins are a seals favorite prey".

We give him lots of books and watch lots of stuff on the Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. We watch shows like Wild Kratz as a family. I love to bring him new books especially about predators those are his favorite. I listen when he tells me all about a new animal that he has learned about.

Learning about animals has become a passion of his and at 9 years old he talks about possibly being a Biologist or Zoologist some day. Now I know that this will most likely change over the years, but as of now we are actively feeding his interest.

I feel like as a parent its so important to let them pursue things that they are interested, not only let them but to encourage them. Find what they love doing and help them by giving them books, watching movies based on the topic, and even seeking out opportunities like lessons or taking them to exhibits. I want my kids to know that they can do anything and that I will be there to support them weather they want to go to school to be a lawyer or be a starving artist I went them to live out their passions and talents.

What do your kids get excited about? What do you do to feed their interest


  1. We have a naturalist in our family too. It's a lot of fun to see what they learn!

  2. Kids know so much it's amazing.

  3. Yes, as much as I wish it weren't so, I'm afraid we might have a little gym rat on our hands. She could spend so much time just watching gymnasts - it's amazing to see her so enthralled!

  4. Awww, I love how excited and smart your son is from his zoo experience. I remember the days of seeing my kids get excited for these type of places we visited. Now, it's usually department stores that bring on the excitement. Haha! Stacie xo

  5. Sounds like it was really an enjoyable day!

  6. Isn't it fun to see their passions develop? My older daughter LOVES to read, write, and draw. She's been talking about becoming an author for over a year now.