Working Girl

I told ya'll recently that I have been subbing for a little while now. Its going ok but just doesn't pay a ton. Its always been important to us that I be home with the kids. Now that they are getting older though I've been wanting to work and just help out financially. I want something that will be flexible though so I can be home when the kids are home. Its just always been so important to us not to put the kids in daycare.

Honestly though it wouldn't make sense for us to put them in any sort of child care as I have no college degree or any skills that would land me a job where I would actually bring home any money after paying for child care.

I've done just about every direct sales out there and have discovered that just aint my thing. I know people that are amazing at it and make a substantial income, but I just don't seem to care enough about the product to get the passion needed to drive me forward. I basically end up just wanting the discount to get stuff for myself. I'm not dissing anyone who does direct sales, it just isn't for me.

Anyway so I mentioned to Justin the other day that I had looked online at all the courses etc you need to get a teaching degree. I'm not really passionate about teaching but was curious just because that would give me the same schedule as the kids, and last week while subbing I got asked several times by students how much longer I had until I became an "real" teacher. Yeah they don't understand the concept of subs. I asked Justin what he thought, and if he thought I'd make a good teacher. He said, "Umm, no I think we'd end up getting sued by a parent after you told them off". The sad thing is, he's probably right. I think it takes a special person to be a teacher and I'm not that special.

So until I figure out what career path I'd want to pursue, who wants to pay me to eat fudge and watch movies? Anybody?


  1. Hi. I just started subbing again myself. My husband is out of work, but still needs to do interviews occassionally, and we homeschool one of our kids so I needed something that I could take jobs or reject jobs on. While I love subbing, and am certified to teach, I would not ever go back to full time teaching. The work load is TREMENDOUS. When I was a full time 7th grade English teacher I would get to school early (required), stay after to tutor (required), and be working until 10 pm every night and working through the weekends trying to keep up with all the grading and lesson planning and was still falling behind. You need to be really excellent at organizing and multitasking, and, if you value time with your children I would just suggest that no, you do not want to teach full time. If you do stay away from English which has a LOT of grading that you can't just have the kids switch papers and grade themselves in class. However, another job at a school (a school secretary, for instance) might fit the schedule you'ld want and pay more than subbing. Cause honestly, if you're not passionate about teaching and really love it I don't see how anyone could survive a being a teacher full time. It's just a truck load of work.

  2. Well, I hope you find a path that you & your family love. Sending all the best to you, Lisa