The Secret to Getting Rid of Mice from Your Home Permanently

When we bought our house it had been empty for about 2 years. They didn't keep up the yard too well, there was just a path cut to the back door but the rest of the yard was waist deep. Literally. Mice were a problem for us for a while!

But thankfully I found the perfect solution and I have never had to deal with mice again!

I've got to give ya'll the story to how I found this miracle solution because it was kind of a complicated thing to find.

We had been doing the trap thing for a while and occasionally would catch one but still kept finding mouse surprises, so we put poison up in the attic. One morning I walked in the laundry room and there it was sitting in the middle of the floor. I screamed and jumped around and said all sorts of things I won't dare repeat. When I finally got brave enough I got closer to it and it wasn't moving so I assumed it was dead. Hubs was gone to work so I had to deal with it myself. I called up my mother in law and asked her how to get rid of it without touching it. She suggested scooping it up in a box or something then throw it away.

I searched the house and finally found a shoe box. As I approached the thing and readied to scoop it up, it moved which set off another set of screams and foul language. I should note that I was still on the phone with my mother in law who at this point couldn't breathe because of the laughter.

I get it together and try again to scoop it up. The bottom of my robe brushed across my foot and I thought the mouse had got me so again another set of screaming and foul language set off but add in jumping, arm flapping, and gagging. At this point my mother in  law wasn't in good shape either I thought she'd pass out from the laughter.

We both finally got it together and I was able to get it scoop up in the box in which it was scratching around. I forgot to mention when it was laying in the floor it had thrown up and was laying in it so clearly it was sick and dying, so now my mission was to finish it off before I disposed of it. Once it was in the box I started searching for something to finish it off. My mother in law suggested just taking it outside and whacking the box with a shovel but I didn't have the stomach for it. Instead I found some wasp spray. Now I assumed since this mouse was clearly poisoned and dying that the wasp spray would just finish the job, so I sprayed like half the bottle in the box. I waited and waited and waited. I picked the box up but he started moving around again. So I sprayed more wasp spray. This continued over and over until the bottle was empty.

The little <insert word of choice> still wasn't dead. I couldn't figure out what to do. Finally I decided to put the box in a garbage bag. I took the bag outside and banged it over and over on my steps, called it good (cause honestly if he wasn't dead I didn't want to know) and threw the bag away.

After that I have never seen another mouse! I think his little mouse friends saw what happened and got the heck out! They didn't want to come anywhere near the crazy lady that tortured and murdered (or buried alive) their little friend.

There you have it! Got a mouse problem? Just scoop it in a shoe box, spray it with wasp spray, put it in a trash bag, and bang it on your steps over and over like a crazy person and the mice will leave and never look back.


  1. Oh man! Hilarious! We had some mice a few years ago, but my husband finally found where they were getting in and plugged the hole and I haven't seen any since. Knock on wood--I'm not sure I love your method, LOL!

  2. You made me laugh. Years and years ago we lived in an old house that had a little family of mice move in. Hubs trapped them then filled their little mouse hole with steel wool. Now... we had a pet gerbil that got out of his cage once. I came home from the grocery store, rounded the corner into the kitchen with both arms full of paper grocery bags and there she was sitting up in a begging position right in front of the fridge. My first incilination was that she was a mouse so I screamed. Loudly. She shook all over and fell over dead. So there you have it, another method.