Mean Girls

Oh how I love the movie Mean Girls. It is one of my all time favorites! Any time an opportunity to quote it presents its self I jump all over it! I quote it so much that now my husband does haha!

Its one of those things where it is so funny because we've all somewhat been there with someone in school. My daughter is in 5th grade and real life mean girls are becoming a part of our lives. We both are learning how to deal with them. I mean as a mom sometimes I just want to jack a kid up, but legally and morally that isn't an option.

We all know how girls can be and sometimes I just want to tell her to stay out of the drama and not let it bother her, but I also can remember how it felt to deal with my very own Regina George.

It's so important to me to reach my children's hearts and love on them. I want to jump in and fix situations for them or just tell them to ignore it but lets face it there are some things in life we have to just be there for them and hold their hands and teach them to guard their hearts.

First and most importantly your child has to know that they can trust you with their heart and feelings. They need to be able to openly share with you without making lite of the situation. They have to be able to come and talk openly with you. Also ask her if she perhaps has talked with the girl she is having problems with in a non-confrontational way. Sometimes girls are trying to be funny and don't realize that they are actually hurting someone. But talking isn't always an option I know.

When your kids are dealing with tough issues like this it also opens the door to remind them of the beautiful gospel of Jesus. Remind them that outside of Jesus Christ we can't truly love others and that maybe these girls don't know Him. I'll say that again, outside of Christ we cannot truly love.

Teach your daughters to guard their hearts and be discerning. They can have several friends but they need to be careful with who they allow to be their close friends that share with. Teach them to not freely give away their hearts and trust. People who hurt, hurt others. You and your kids don't have to be friends with everyone but they can be friendly. It's ok to put up boundaries when people hurt us over and over again. Sometimes we have to love people from a distance and that's ok.

These are things I've learned from struggles with my own friendships. You would think as an adult it wouldn't be as difficult but it is. I have always been out going and also seek approval from others. The older that I get the smaller my inner circle gets. I cherish my close friends. They value me for who I am and help me to be the best version of myself. They don't hold me to impossible standards and seek to love and not hurt. Its my prayer for my daughter that she learn these things at a young age.

Did you have trouble with mean girls as a kid? Or what about as an adult? What piece of advice do you give for dealing with mean girls?


  1. This is such great advice! It's pretty much what I taught my girls as they were growing up. They had a select group of girls they were close to, mostly from youth group, and knew they could trust them. And I'm with you, some times I want to jack other kids up, and that's obviously not an option. It's just how we can get as mama bears!

  2. It's true - it's so hard. My daughter is only in 2nd grade so it hasn't been that horrible yet. Here's hoping she stays strong and connected to good kids.

  3. It doesn't matter your age- it can always occur unfortunately. My worst time was in high school when my immediate friend group started being mean to me. My mom told me that I could tell her and vent to her, but not to gossip about it with other people. Later down the road, I found out that though I didn't talk about it, other girls noticed and commended me on how I acted! Even though it hurt, it feels good to do the right thing! You may think that how you react goes unnoticed, but it doesn't!


  4. It's amazing how long those hurts from childhood last. I can still remember the people that hurt me - some more than others - and there are some I won't even friend on Facebook. It's wonderful that you're teaching your daughter these things now so the hurt doesn't carry forward into adulthood.