How I Stay Organized When Life Is Hectic


Maybe organized isn't the word I should use, more like how I stay functional when life gets hectic. Life seems to have been especially crazy this month, but it always is at the end of the school year. Lately as long as I can do these few things, keep clothes washed, dishes washed, and food on the table I am doing good. I try to just do a quick pick up in the mornings and evening and when I have time on the weekends I clean. These tips won't necessarily work as long term organizational skills but in a pinch they can be very helpful and then when you have the time to sit down and catch everything up at least its all in one place.

I am a very visual person so having all of these available for a quick glance helps me immensely. The only materials you'll need are 2 dry erase calendars, 2 locker size dry erase boards, 1 mail organizer, and obviously dry erase markers. Let me break each of these down for you and how to use them.

1) Calendars

I suggest 2 because it seems like by the time you get to the 1st of a month the next month is already starting to fill up. Having both of these on the side of my fridge not only gives me easy access but is also very accessible for the rest of the family. As we are discussing different activities we can go to the fridge and look to see what is going on.

2) Locker sized dry erase boards

I use these for 2 different purposes. One is to keep my grocery list on and one is my to do list. First lets discuss the grocery list. I keep this on the front of my fridge and as I grab something out of the fridge or cabinets I can quickly add it to my list. The kids also know to add things to the list when we run out. The second board is to right my to do list. This isn't for everyday things that need to be done, this is for all the extras such as phone calls that need to be made, emails that need to be sent, appointments I need to make, etc. My mind is usually in a hundred different directions and I'm very forgetful so this really helps me to know what I need to get done. I keep this board right under my calendars.

3) Mail organizer

This is where I toss mail or any papers that need to be filed and when things slow down for a minute I can put them where they need to be. I have a slot for hubs, the kids, and myself. This helps me not to loose stuff before I have time to deal with it.

I hope you find these tips helpful for when your life is hectic! Do you think these will work for you? What helps you keep functional when life is crazy?


  1. I love making lists on dry erase boards-great minds think alike:)

    Southern Elle Style

  2. I need to organize my mail desperately! For me the biggest organizational tool is a phone app called ColorNote. It has one a section to let you make color coded checklists and text reminders, and then a calendar side for appointments and to do lists. I use the thing every single day!



  3. Great tips, dry erase boards are a huge hit around here also. Especially in the garage for things we need to pick up regarding Yard Supplies.

  4. Great tips! I use a dry erase board for my weekly to do list and it's a lifesaver. I like the 2 month idea for the calendar... it's amazing how quickly schedules get filled.

  5. Thanks for sharing your tips! I've been trying so hard to stay organized these past few months. Being organized make a world of difference. I just bought folders for mail organization for everyone in the house so that my desk isn't cluttered. Hate clutter! LOL! Have a wonderful Memorial Day! Stacie xo

  6. I love the idea of TWO dry erase calendars!! That would be perfect for my house!! Thanks for sharing!!