Finding My Blogging Niche

I've talked quite a bit lately about finding myself and searching for my blogging voice. Originally I had planned for this blog to be about natural health and wellness, but learning about that is only a part of who I am. The more I think about it the more I want to tell my entire story. I am by no means an expert in natural remedies or nutrition but I do want to continue sharing what I'm learning along the way, but there have been several moments behind the scenes that have led me to the fact that I do not want to be a natural wellness blogger. I just want to write. I just want my voice to come alive. That may mean that blog stats don't rise like I want them to but I'm finding that my confidence is.

I had some advice from other successful bloggers on what makes a good posts and mainly they discussed teaching something to your readers. Well I'm sorry but I have nothing to teach you. I have nothing to say that hasn't been said a million times over in the blog world. You won't find any new or grand information here, but what you will find is me. Me just being me, sorting through life and learning about things that interest me and what makes me laugh, cry, and just what makes up my life.

The more I think about this new writing path the happier it makes me. I know there are many successful bloggers out there and its so easy to compare myself to them and try to shape this blog around that and try to be like them, but I want to stay true to myself.

I'm smiling more and feeling somewhat liberated as I figuring out this writing journey. Thanks for hanging on with me!


  1. I started my blog about three years ago and I definitely went around and around about exactly what I wanted to hone in on. I didn't want to put myself in a box, but I also wanted people to know what to expect when they came to visit me. I finally narrowed it down to about five categories (i.e., family, marriage, parenting, health, blogging advice) that feel quite broad when I really think about it. But it at least allows my space to feel cohesive (for niche/sponsorship purposes) yet allows me to be myself and talk about things I'm interested in (my home life). I think over time as we get a feel for ourselves as bloggers we and our space just begins to evolve...just like anything else. So enjoy the journey!

  2. Yes, I love your epiphany. Doing what feels true to you always comes across as genuine. Readers can feel it.

  3. I started with a clear vision of what my niche is. Now, a little over a year later, I am finding myself seeking ways I can branch out. Love this post!

  4. When I first started blogging I thought I'd mainly be blogging about parenting and motherhood. I soon learned that I needed to blog about more than that if I wanted to keep blogging. I know blog about whatever strikes my mood with motherhood being the main anchor of my blog. Blog about what you feel is true to you and you'll find your way.