When Natural Health Can Be Dangerous: Part 1

Natural health tools such as herbs, supplements, and essential oils can be a wonderful assest to your family, but are natural remedies safe?

When you compare natural remedies to prescription and over the counter medication you will quickly realize that they are a safer choice. But the problem is the way natural remedies are used. People think that just because they are natural that they can't be harmful.

It's very important that you know how to use a herb or essential oil before you use them. These remedies can be potent and not using them properly can cause problems. You wouldn't take a medication without reading the usage directions, same goes for natural remedies. Make sure you take the time to properly research how natural remedies should be used. Some things you need to know are how much to use, whether you should take it on an empty stomach, is it safe to ingest, is it safe for children, if it needs to be diluted and how to do that properly,

Some other things to take into account, if you are on a prescription medication you need to know if this remedy can be used in conguction with the medication and if can you take it at the same time as the medication or if it needs to be delayed.

Also if you have a medical condition you need to know how this remedy will affect you. For example I started taking Elderberry syrup to boost my immune system during flu season. I gradually began to feel sick so I began to take it every 2 hours. I started feeling worse so I started taking every hour. I even began adding essential oils to my feet and chest. I finally went to the doctor and told him I didn't know how to explain it but I just didn't feel well. I felt achy and run down but I wasn't running a fever and wasn't congested or coughing. He initially couldn't find anything wrong and did blood work but that came back fine as well. Someone suggested laying off the Elderberry and oils for a bit and see how I felt. A couple of days later I began to feel better. About a week or so later I was researching material to teach an essential oil class and read that people with PCOS should not use Elderberry because it stimulates the immune system. PCOS itself is not an autoimmune disease but it is usually in conjunction with an autoimmune disease. At the time I hadn't yet been diagnosed with Hashimotos. I also found this article about sensitization with oils, I had previously been told you can use oils liberally and not overdose on them which is completely false!

Just make sure that before you start using a herb or any other natural remedy that you do your research and know how to use it and if its the right fit for you. There are cases where people have been severally injured from a natural remedy. And yes I know that there are far more cases of people being injured from prescription medications and over the counter medications than natural remedies but please respect what your using and use properly! Just because its natural doesn't mean that it won't come without consequences. I mean poison ivy is natural but you know not to use it as toilet paper ;).


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I have not really dipped my toes into any natural remedies only because I don't have the time to research right now with a needy toddler in the house, but I recently bought a starter kit of oils, so we will see. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you!! We have used Melaleuca tea tree oil for many years, but I haven't done much research into other oils. I looked at getting a starter pack recently, but realized I wanted to research more before I brought them into my home.

  3. This is a great post. There's a ton of misinformation out there, and it makes me worried to try oils.

  4. I so agree with all of this. People have no idea how dangerous some of these alternative remedies are. Some essentials oils can kill a child even in small doses and there are several herbal remedies that thin your blood. Thanks for helping make the public aware!