My Cooking Confession

I am a southern woman. With me being a southern woman there comes a stereotype that I must be an amazing cook. Unfortunately for my dear family that is not at all true about me My poor poor family. This post will contain no pictures in my effort not to scar you for life.

My lack of cooking skills don't come from me not trying. Oh believe me I try and I try and I try. I follow a recipe perfectly and it flops, I try to wing it and it flops. I once made soup that my husband ate as a sandwich, no joke he literally cut it out and ate it between two pieces of bread. I tried to make him banana pudding from scratch for his birthday one year and the only thing he could say about it was that he had never chewed pudding before. I've mad dumplings that everyone gagged on.

I regularly set my stove on fire (at least once a month) and recently I set my oven on fire. I mean how was that even possible?! I have no idea but I did it. Once I started cooking rice then stepped outside to clean my front door and somebody stopped by to chat, then it hit me that I was cooking so I ran inside to a house full of smoke. My kids were just sitting on the couch and I'm like "Hello the house is full of smoke why didn't ya'll come and get me?!" Their response "Oh we just thought you were in the kitchen cooking".

So there you have it my confession and random fact of the day. Don't succumb to stereotypes, remember not every southern woman can cook.


  1. I'm not a superb cook but I do okay. My grandmother (a southern woman) liked to joke that she couldn't cook Jello.

  2. I'm the same way. I'm originally from Georgia and my mom and grandmother are great cooks. I have to focus to follow a recipe or I'll forget it's in the oven.