When Natural Health Can Be Dangerous: Part 1

Natural health tools such as herbs, supplements, and essential oils can be a wonderful assest to your family, but are natural remedies safe?

When you compare natural remedies to prescription and over the counter medication you will quickly realize that they are a safer choice. But the problem is the way natural remedies are used. People think that just because they are natural that they can't be harmful.

It's very important that you know how to use a herb or essential oil before you use them. These remedies can be potent and not using them properly can cause problems. You wouldn't take a medication without reading the usage directions, same goes for natural remedies. Make sure you take the time to properly research how natural remedies should be used. Some things you need to know are how much to use, whether you should take it on an empty stomach, is it safe to ingest, is it safe for children, if it needs to be diluted and how to do that properly,

Some other things to take into account, if you are on a prescription medication you need to know if this remedy can be used in conguction with the medication and if can you take it at the same time as the medication or if it needs to be delayed.

Also if you have a medical condition you need to know how this remedy will affect you. For example I started taking Elderberry syrup to boost my immune system during flu season. I gradually began to feel sick so I began to take it every 2 hours. I started feeling worse so I started taking every hour. I even began adding essential oils to my feet and chest. I finally went to the doctor and told him I didn't know how to explain it but I just didn't feel well. I felt achy and run down but I wasn't running a fever and wasn't congested or coughing. He initially couldn't find anything wrong and did blood work but that came back fine as well. Someone suggested laying off the Elderberry and oils for a bit and see how I felt. A couple of days later I began to feel better. About a week or so later I was researching material to teach an essential oil class and read that people with PCOS should not use Elderberry because it stimulates the immune system. PCOS itself is not an autoimmune disease but it is usually in conjunction with an autoimmune disease. At the time I hadn't yet been diagnosed with Hashimotos. I also found this article about sensitization with oils, I had previously been told you can use oils liberally and not overdose on them which is completely false!

Just make sure that before you start using a herb or any other natural remedy that you do your research and know how to use it and if its the right fit for you. There are cases where people have been severally injured from a natural remedy. And yes I know that there are far more cases of people being injured from prescription medications and over the counter medications than natural remedies but please respect what your using and use properly! Just because its natural doesn't mean that it won't come without consequences. I mean poison ivy is natural but you know not to use it as toilet paper ;).


Say What You Want to Say, A Lesson I Learned from Saturday Night Live

I'm getting closer to 30. There's something about getting older that teaches you a thing or two. I'm basically at the stage in my life where I'm learning not to care so much about what other people think, and learning just to open my mouth and stand up for myself.

This video was shared on Facebook and since Saturday Night Live is my favorite show ever I had to watch it! It's like my biggest dream to go to New York and watch SNL, specifically if Will Farrell is hosting. He's like my most favorite person ever!!! Anyway SNL has a way of bluntly saying what most people are thinking but not saying.

So thanks SNL for reminding me to say what I want to say and do what I want to do without feeling like I have to do what others want or what is "socially acceptable". ENJOY!!!

Which one of these do you want to say? What is something you'd add?


My Cooking Confession

I am a southern woman. With me being a southern woman there comes a stereotype that I must be an amazing cook. Unfortunately for my dear family that is not at all true about me My poor poor family. This post will contain no pictures in my effort not to scar you for life.

My lack of cooking skills don't come from me not trying. Oh believe me I try and I try and I try. I follow a recipe perfectly and it flops, I try to wing it and it flops. I once made soup that my husband ate as a sandwich, no joke he literally cut it out and ate it between two pieces of bread. I tried to make him banana pudding from scratch for his birthday one year and the only thing he could say about it was that he had never chewed pudding before. I've mad dumplings that everyone gagged on.

I regularly set my stove on fire (at least once a month) and recently I set my oven on fire. I mean how was that even possible?! I have no idea but I did it. Once I started cooking rice then stepped outside to clean my front door and somebody stopped by to chat, then it hit me that I was cooking so I ran inside to a house full of smoke. My kids were just sitting on the couch and I'm like "Hello the house is full of smoke why didn't ya'll come and get me?!" Their response "Oh we just thought you were in the kitchen cooking".

So there you have it my confession and random fact of the day. Don't succumb to stereotypes, remember not every southern woman can cook.


Mothering in the Middle

There is so much information out there about mothering during the little years and the teenage years. The little years can be so draining. You are physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. And from what I hear the teenage years can be also. But what about the middle years? The gap from toddlerhood to teenager. You don't hear much about this time in a child and parent's life. I was under the assumption since no one really talks that much about it that it would be a breeze! Boy was I wrong!!!

I almost feel like I have be some how deceived! Why is it the no one talks about this time? It can be emotionally draining at times. I tell my friends with little ones that it will come a day when they won't be as physically exhausted but there will be a day when there is a lot more training which can leave you emotionally exhausted.

The adolescent years are a time for training. These are the years where you are helping them shape their character and learn to be more independent. This is also a time that can be heart wrenching for moms because in a way we are having to let go and let them learn on their own and with that comes failure. We want to swoop in and do it for them to prevent them from having any type of disappointment, but if we are continually doing things for them they will never learn. I feel its my job as a mom to help guide them so that they one day can be responsible productive adults.

There is so much growing and shaping during this time. Its hard for me to let go. I want to jump in and fix things for them and show them the "right and good" thing to do. My biggest struggle during this time is trying so hard not to push them into who I want or think they should be. I have to let go and let them figure out who they want to be and what interest them. They aren't at an age yet though where they are mature enough to make big decisions so that's where I do have to step in and help guide them.

So far this has been such an emotional season for me. Watching them grown and mature can be touching and terrifying all at the same time. I'm growing during this season just as much as they are. Everyday is a new learning experience for us all. Mainly for me its learning to step back and loosen my grip, I know that the Lord loves them even more than I could ever imagine and it is He who holds their future. I'm constantly crying out to Him saying, "Lord I don't understand this situation or how to even parent my child right now but I pray that you take my mothering and use each situation for their good and your glory".

I just want to hold on to them as long as possible but everyday is a new day to love and serve my children and help guide them through whatever season of life we are in.

How old are your children? What about your current season do you love and what part is the most difficult?