No Brands

You may have noticed (or maybe not either way your good) that I removed a couple of posts. I LOVE essential oils but after a lot of research I am no longer comfortable with promoting or saying things that are taught with certain brands. So this blog will now be brand neutral. I will still be talking about essential oils and how/what to use but I won't be recommending and brands. If you are new to oils and confused on what brands are good (because all brands are definitely NOT created equal!) you can check here. Essential oils are a wonderful tool but they need to be seen as the potent tools they are. Please be smart when you are using them!

Here are some good resources that helped my change of heart:

I've Jumped Off the Essential Oil Bandwagon

Learning About EOs


Using Essential Oils Safely Cheat Sheet

Essential Oils and Children

Tisserand Institute

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  1. Bravo to you! I have heard quite a bit about the essential oil world. Thanks for the links!