You Gotta Fight For Your Right

To parrrrrtttyyyy! Oh wait no, no that's not it! Little mental side track there. I meant to say You Gotta Fight For Your Right to be HEALTHY! I'm not just talking about having the will power to make healthy food choices, today I want to talk about being an advocate for your health.

Last year I spent 8 months in MS taking care of my mother in law. She had fallen and broke her foot then had other health complications. She's doing fine now. During my time there we were in and out of doctors offices and hospitals and the main take thing I learned is that doctors don't always have your best interest at heart. Sure not all doctors are this way, but I found that there are far far too many that are unwilling to take the time needed to care for you properly. They just want to pump you full of prescriptions to treat symptoms instead of finding the real problem.

Most people are intimidated by doctors and I use to be as well. I mean they spent so many years learning and should have a better understanding how our body works than we do. Sadly though doctors are trained in medicine and not nutrition (did you know that about 80+% of disease and illness or food related and can be healed through diet and lifestyle changes!) but that's another post for another day. Do not be afraid to ask your doctor questions! Ask why they are going through the process he or she suggest, why does he recommend a certain prescription, etc. You have every right to fully understand the course of treatment being offered! And if the doctor becomes huffy and irritated by you questioning their methods then you have every right to get your records and see another doctor.

I have learned that your health is too important to compromise for someone's ego! I have dealt with my fair share of egotistical doctors, but I have also met some that are great and really do care. Sometimes it takes some digging and searching to find those doctors that truly do care about their patients but it is so worth it.

Don't be afraid to do your own research and ask questions! You are the only one is going to care 100% about your health and you are the only one who can speak up and advocate. Start speaking up now!


Childhood Books

When I was a kid I hated reading. I only read enough to get the minimum requirements for Accelerated Reading and even occasionally earn one of those free slips for pizza. Even when it came to books the entire class was reading then taking tests and doing projects on I would only read one or two chapters. I would just listen to the class discussion and be able to pick up enough of the story line to pass a test. An over achiever I was not.

But now as an adult, I love love love to read! I could waste away a day reading. I've been known to read while cooking supper, while taking a bath, while folding laundry, or just anytime I feel like I can fit it in. I realize now that my lack of reading as a kid could have a little to do with being lazy or rebellious. I'm going to go with rebellious because that sounds cooler. Anyway now I have embraced books for the long lost friends they are, ok so now I'm back to being a dork.

Lately I have enjoyed going back and reading books I read or pretended to read as a kid. In some ways I think its better to reread them as an adult because you appreciate the deeper meanings a little more. I recently reread The Giver, sorry Mrs. Anderson for not fully reading or appreciating it in 7th grade, and for several days after I thought about it and compared it to our world today. I guess that's one of the good things about being an adult you can look back with your worldly eyes and see what you failed to understand as a kid.

Do you reread books from your childhood? What's your favorite childhood book?


No Brands

You may have noticed (or maybe not either way your good) that I removed a couple of posts. I LOVE essential oils but after a lot of research I am no longer comfortable with promoting or saying things that are taught with certain brands. So this blog will now be brand neutral. I will still be talking about essential oils and how/what to use but I won't be recommending and brands. If you are new to oils and confused on what brands are good (because all brands are definitely NOT created equal!) you can check here. Essential oils are a wonderful tool but they need to be seen as the potent tools they are. Please be smart when you are using them!

Here are some good resources that helped my change of heart:

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