Finding My Voice

I went straight from a high school student to being someone's wife and mother. The time that most people use to "find" themselves I was learning to cook and care for my family. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my life and wouldn't change my story at all, but I have been feeling very lost lately.

I'm such a people pleaser and trying to keep up with everyone's expectations plus raising a family, I feel like somewhere a long the way I lost myself. I feel like this blogging journey will be a way for me to somewhat sort through all of this and discover who I really am.

I was talking with my friend Jennifer the other day about some of this and how I want to write but don't feel like I have found my writing voice yet. There have been so many things I've wanted to write about but just was unsure on how to get out the ways I wanted. I'm scared of sounding dumb. She said something that I've really been thinking about lately, she told me to write it anyway! I can write to help me sort out my thoughts and publish it when I feel ready. So that's what I'm going to do, I'm just going to write.

I feel as though I'm stepping out on a new path and my legs are shaky as I'm trying to find my footing. So please be patient with me as I find my way. You will definitely have to endure very amateur writing but this is just the beginning of a brand new season of life and what I'm sure will lead to a brand new me. Actually no, not a brand new me, just me. I'm hoping that this season will lead me to see myself for exactly who I was created to be.


Living in the Present

I know I'm a couple weeks behind most bloggers on posting about the New Year but well I'm usually behind most people with things anyways. 2014 was a year I will never forget. It was definitely a learning season. A season of stretching and growing and looking deep in myself asking if I'm really the person that I present to others or if I'm masking my true self in order to please people.

I'm not usually one to set New Years Resolutions but after reflecting on last year and thought about what I needed to do differently.

I'm a worrier. My mind is constantly racing and thinking ahead to the future. I want to back off on doing this. Its good to think about the future but not to an extent that you are missing out on the present.

So that's what I want for 2015, is to be present more. To be in the here and now and enjoy the little moments. I don't want to obsess over my to do list or social media or even research natural wellness. My goal is to set it aside and listen to my children and play games with them. I want to laugh more with my husband and create memories.

My children are growing so fast and its showing me more and more that they will only be with me for a short time. I want them to grow up with a mom who smiles and enjoys time with them. There are so many things pulling for my attention, but if I'm not intentional then this time will slip past and will have missed it. That will be a true tragedy!

I'm working on making changes so that I can make this a high priority! What do you do to be more present with your family? Do you find it harder in this day and age to be more present? Stop what you're doing now and go hug your children and your spouse!