Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm Alicia the author here at Hippy Juice Mama. I'm a southern girl with a definite southern drawl. I like my tea sweet and my vowels long. I was born and raised in Mississippi but now live in Texas. I'm married to my high school sweet heart who is the love of my life. Also the only one who could invoke a lot of fury and rage. Ha just kidding...mostly. We have 2 beautiful kids together. Nothing can make you feel more blessed and more stretched like motherhood. About 7 years ago I was introduced to another person that would turn my life upside down. His name is Jesus Christ. I had been a church goer all my life and thought I knew Him but the way I lived my life it was clear I didn't.

So you may be wondering how this blog came about? Well hold on I'm getting to that! Geez you're so impatient! Ha you'll learn I'm weird and quirky and have a strange sense of humor. Also I can't spell so Grammar Nazis this isn't the blog for you. I've tried blogging before but never could really stick with it. Mainly because I felt like I needed to try to write like other Christian mom bloggers and never really had my own voice. I'm learning about who I am and staying true to that. I'm a people pleaser so sometimes that can be difficult. Anyways back to this blog. The name Hippy Juice came from my in-laws. They like to make fun of me for using Essential Oils and call them my Hippy Juice. Well guess who's laughing now cause they are now saying, "Hey Loo (that's what they call me) I need some Hippy Juice". So that's where the name came from. I learned about natural living and whole food nutrition a few  years ago but never really dove in. After dealing with family health issues and my own recent diagnosis of PCOS and Adrenal Fatigue well I'm ready to jump in. I'm not a purist and know I never will be so you definitely won't be finding that here. Learning about natural living can be very overwhelming to a newbie, so that's why I decided to start writing. I wanted to have a creative outlet plus a place to share with other newbies what I'm learning.

I really hope you enjoy it here! I look forward to living life and learning along side you.